{Gluten Free Review} Starry Lane Bakery in San Diego, CA

{Gluten Free Review} Starry Lane Bakery in San Diego, CA

I visited Starry Lane Bakery over my birthday weekend and was overwhelmed (in a good way) with how many gluten free items they make and stock on a daily basis! Their selection is amazing, and caters to those who are not only gluten free, but also those who have eliminated soy, dairy, egg, tree nuts, and peanuts from their diet.  The great thing about Starry Lane Bakery is that all of their products are made on site in a dedicated facility, which is music to anyone with food allergies ears’.

The bakery was started by 2 sisters whose goal was to make the lives of us with food allergies a little easier and a whole lot sweeter, and I can confirm they’ve done just that! The minute I walked through the doors I felt like a small child at Disneyland and was speechless knowing how many things I could purchase.

The bakery is located in Hillcrest and is the perfect spot to meet a friend for a sweet treat, pick up cupcakes for a party, or just grab your weekly breaded goods. From their flat breads, to sandwich loaf, to pretzel rolls, this place is a Celiac’s dream come true for all your breaded needs.

Prior to visiting the bakery, I did some research online and was pleasantly surprised to see that every item that Starry Lane bakes they’ve listed the ingredients for, I can’t tell you how much this means to me, as typically even though a restaurant/bakery say they have gluten free items, you truly do not know what your consuming. You can find the menu and full detailed ingredient list HERE.

My Starry Lane Bakery Gluten Free Birthday Haul!

Blueberry Tart

MY FAVORITE! there is just something about a blueberry and crumb dessert that I love. I especially enjoyed these as they were mini and are the perfect serving size for 1, or 2, if you like to share. But word to the wise, you won’t want to share this scrumptious dessert with anyone! The crumb crust was the perfect complement to the sweet blueberry filling. These would be ideal for your next tea party or brunch.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These were my favorite! Firstly the cookies were large, the chocolate chips were huge, the texture wasn’t too dry nor crumbly and the taste was really good. Highly recommend these!

Cinnamon Rolls

These are sweet, gooey & perfect with a glass of milk!


So many flavors to choose from! I selected: Grasshopper- a chocolate cake base with mint icing. Cookies & Cream, a vanilla cake base with vanilla icing and 2 Hot Cocoa (my favorite), a chocolate cake base, and a light chocolate icing with a melted marshmallow & dark fudge on top! WOW! my mouth is watering from just typing all of that.


AMAZING! I made a Three Cheese Spinach Flatbread Pizza with this and it was incredible! The edges were perfectly crispy and the bread had so much flavor. Highly recommend this!

Sandwich/Sub Bread

Fluffy, and not dry! I really enjoyed a sandwich that was not on a miniature size piece of bread (side note why are all gluten free breads this size?). I felt like I was officially eating a true sandwich, and savored every bite.

As you can see, I stocked up on a lot of items, and managed to consume almost everything in less than a week! I did freeze one of the flat breads and a few cupcakes and have since thawed and devoured both. The flavor and textures were just as great as the ones I had enjoyed a few days after my visit. I highly recommend this gem of a bakery. It offers so much to those who have been limited for so long. I can’t wait for my next bakery run, I’ve already got my eyes on a triple berry muffin, lemon rosemary scone, their marble pound cake, and for the grand finale their coffee cake! I haven’t had coffee cake since I was diagnosed over 10 years ago, can’t wait to sink my teeth into that!

Starry Lane Bakery Contact 

3925 4th Ave
San Diego 92103

Phone: 619-328-0500

Starry Lane Bakery’s website

Monday – Thursday 10am -7pm
Friday – Sunday 10am – 8pm

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